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The Ultimate Guide for Google Adwords Quality Score

Anyone who knows about PPC and AdWords know what the Quality score is, but what people don’t know is the Quality score that they see in the AdWords interface is not the overall score – it is just the keyword-level Quality Score, a small portion of the bigger whole! And, one  more thing that people […]

Top 10 Best Practices When Writing PPC Ad Copy

Finally, after taking your valuable time to go through what is new and might interest you about paid search and the best for you, be it AdWords, Bing Ads or anyone at that, then it may have struck you that the next step is; obviously you have your campaign settings, ad groups, and keywords ready […]

What is AdWords Keyword Grouping & How to Accomplish It?

Many PPC Campaigners don’t give much emphasis to keyword groupings, but it is really important to keep your business afloat and successful in long run. Creation of relevant and organized keyword groups actually help in building relevancy & improving your PPC account’s Quality Score and CPC (cost per click), which is why it is so […]

what is new to PPC in 2018

You will agree with me that every new year brings its new surprises and 2018 Is without it claims. Changes, growth and great innovations come along in whirling chains with our beloved PPC (Pay-Per-Click), otherwise known as paid search. The question is not how PPC works or it fundamentals any longer, we are familiar with […]

12 Simple Ways to Improve Your CTR in Google AdWords

Whether you want to have a high-quality score, higher traffic, or want more visibility on the web for your product ads, the first step is to increase your Click-through Rate! But one thing that should be noted here is that by trying to increase your CTR, it is possible that instead of increasing your conversion […]

How to Validate Your Google Shopping Ad Group

How to Validate Your AdWords Ad Group? It has been observed that merchants find it really bothersome to validate their PLA Campaign’s various Ad Groups. And it is quite understandable; one needs to be very careful while inputting the labels because if they fail to match the AdWords labels, the ad group will not validate. […]

Google shopping Data Feed Optimization

On the basis of the statistics that Google Analytics shows, merchants should improve their data feed so that it becomes easier for Google to decide the right placement for your ads. You can do this by changing the product titles and descriptions by including the search keywords that users are using to search your products. […]