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Free Google Shopping Clicks

Free Google Clicks Still Going Strong It has been noted that though Google free clicks have been decreasing gradually over time, many sellers still get them! They are definitely a big bonus for the merchants, yet one should not forget that they are actually linked to the working of your PLA Campaign. That is, you […]

Monitor Your Budget on Google Shopping Ads

Monitoring your budget should be one of your biggest priorities. Especially so, because no alerts are sent to the merchants on Google Shopping in case their daily budget is reached. And once the budget limit is touched, the product listings tend to come down gradually. Note: Hence, while setting your daily budget, make sure that […]

Schedule Product Listing Ads CPC Bids

Schedule Your Product Listing Ad Bids 1) Create day of the week bidding rules After identifying the days of the week when the conversion rate is higher for your products, you can plan the changes in the ad bids. For that you need to formulate your bidding rules under the settings tab:   You can […]

How to Create Special Offers on Product Listing Ads

Just like Trusted Stores, ‘Special Offers’ is one of the many new features on Google Shopping that gives the retailers yet another chance to tell the online shoppers about the options that the merchant have for them – the things that make them stand out. Through this option, merchants make sure that their special offers […]

Google Trusted Stores And Google Wallet

Google Trusted Stores At the gist of it all, just like Amazon and other online shopping websites, Google Shopping is also a comparison shopping engine. Note: On Google Shopping, shoppers search items so that they can compare products on the basis of price and other vendor merchant metrics like reliability and shipping prices. Google Trusted […]

Product Listing Ads Ad Group Structure Best Practices

The following are the two main advance strategies to ensure a refined and profitable PLA campaign: Use the “All Products” Ad Group Though a merchant is strongly advised to create additional ad groups, it is quite difficult to overlook the perks associated with using one’s ‘All Product’ ad group. And, one of its major benefits […]

Restricted Products On Product Listing Ads

Restricted Products On Google Shopping Though Google Shopping provides all sorts of Product Ads, it never serves anything which is inappropriate as per Google’s ‘family safe’ criteria. Those items which fail to qualify are entered in Google Shopping’s ‘Restricted Products and Services’ list. Items like weapons, tobacco, medicine, or products which are related to gambling […]

AdWords Label And Product Targets

Product Listing Ads Product Targets Once you have created and saved your Ad group, the next step is to setup targets for your products. This is what Google AdWords will remind you about after the group has been saved, so make sure that when you proceed, the validation filter matches exactly the one you have […]

Product Listing Ads Ad Group Strategy

How to Create Brand Ad Groups For ‘Product Listing Ads’? Just like other ad groups, merchants can create ad groups for specific brands; all that you have to do is use labels in AdWords’ label column. And the best part is that you do not have to make any changes to the product feed, provided the […]

Getting Started With Google Product Listing Ads

We express our thanks to you for showing interest in this book on Google Shopping. With more than 100 pages, this great resource was created by inputs from SEMConsultants Google Shopping Guys who have years of CPC management experience. On top of that, this source contains research-based content which was carefully. developed by using 6 years […]