PPC Services

Pay per Click (PPC) service plays a vital role in bridging the gap between you and your online customers, and this is achieved through paid search advertising. Our in-house experts at iphone journal are some of the finest in the industry, are well-qualified and experienced at providing high-grade PPC services; they can certainly help you to achieve your goals so that you can enjoy a better outreach to your customers.

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Thorough keyword research is the prerequisite if you are aiming for a successful PPC- not even a single important keyword shall be missed or overlooked. Our PPC managers at iphone journal are fully able at providing popular long-tail keywords with search queries so that maximum traffic can be attracted towards your site.


A PPC campaign doesn’t end with set up; it just marks a good beginning, and much time is invested in analyzing the Ad World: which asks for a continued monitoring of your campaign so that a good PPC ROI can be maintained. This is achieved by setting benchmarks as well as the measures that has to be taken at time when the performance doesn’t measure up.


We offer the most reasonable prices for managing your PPC services and data through various pricing options; with us you can choose, a six month plan, a 12 month or an annual pre-pay pricing plan. Call us to know more about the pricing and if required you can also book a personalized demo before sealing in the pricing plan.


Get access to regular reports in a format that you can understand which clearly puts light on the success rate of PPC, provides full statistics of Ad Worlds and new landing page with grader, and besides all this also gives sufficient information regarding Campaign Dashboard. And, note that all this is included in our pricing.